Monday, March 8, 2010

Art Bar "One Week Painting" with Erick Knudtson week (layer) 51


Frank Korb said...

Jeremy -

Good to see your work at the art bar (even though it is through your site). I have done 6 paintings at the art bar and haver loved it. What are your thoughts of the space? Maybe did you do a new one for the newest season at the Art Bar. Let m eknow if you are doing one, I'd be interested in stopping by to see one made that I didn't do. I have heard of you and your work through your mom via my daughter. It is great to see more artists coming into schools and sharing their work with the youth. Keep it up. I enjoy the portraits. I look forward to seeing more work. Best to you.
Frank Korb

Jeremy Uglow said...

Hello Frank,
The Art Bar is great! It was quite fun working on the "One Week Painting." Did you have a layer from last year? I probably won't have the chance to do another one for a while because I've moved to Philadelphia for grad school at Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art. I had seen one of your paintings at the Crossman Gallery the passed year in the Alumni show, very nice work. I should be updating my blog with work much more frequently with the coming months (hopefully successful work that is).