Saturday, August 1, 2009

Art Bar show with Erick Knudtson, Sept. 11 2009


JUNE 19 - JULY 30

JULY 31 - SEPT. 10

SEPT. 11 - OCT. 15

This coming month, September, I will be having a show with Erick Knudtson in Milwaukee at Art Bar. The address is 722 East Burleigh St. Milwaukee.
If you can, it would be great to have you come to the opening. I'll be back on to update with times and what ever information I haven't posted.
If you would like to go and give Art Bar's website out;

The show officially opens; 9:00pm Sept. 11th


Illestwill said...

Think I'l try to make it to this.

Illestwill said...

I tried and failed. Eric said that the opening went well. Bill called my home to let me know I could ride with him, but I was in the studio, so I missed him. My car is dead. Shameeka has no brakes. All that said, congrats again on the show! and if i'm able I'll go down there just to see what your stuff looks like in that space.